Stupid Users: BETA

Created by Stupid Users: BETA (Dent Ventures, LLC)

BETA is an unique fast-paced, ever-changing, item looting, army building card game.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

A Long Overdue Update
about 2 months ago – Tue, Aug 11, 2020 at 11:04:34 PM

Hey Y'all :) 

Our apologies for the lack of communication, honestly we could write 5 paragraphs of excuses, but let's face it, it doesn't matter. Good News is that despite all that life has decided to throw at us we're healthy and making good progress. Let's get to the important stuff.

1) All Games Rewards have been shipped. If you have NOT received your game(s) please send an email to:

2) Graphic Novel: We’ve reworked the story about a dozen times at this point and finally feel like we have some solid character development and a fun story! We are going through the final round of edits, and then it’ll be off to the printer! Hooray!

3) The Reader: Matt’s finally got it in a good place and it’s been approved for testing on iOS and it’s being tested as well via Google Play. It’s pretty sweet. Matt just wants to add a little game before we launch it officially. We’d love to have some of you give it a test run for bugs. If you’re interested please email:

4) Print & Play: I know I promised this months ago but I just haven’t finished it yet. I took on a part time job that went FT and then COVID, and homeschooling two children knocked me back. I promise I’ll get this finished by the end of the month.

5) Roundy Pals: These were all mailed out with rewards. (James yours are almost finished.)

6) AR APP: Version 1.0 is live in the Apple Store and Goggle Play. Search Stupid Users: BETA. Use this to scan your game cards, it’s so cool! Matt will be pushing code for Version 2.0 which will have an updated UI (User Interface) and it’ll fix some bugs.

Thanks again for your patience and support. We miss our gaming and con time with you, and look forward to the times we can do that again. :)


Mandy & Matt

6 Player Game has an Extra Card
8 months ago – Sun, Feb 02, 2020 at 06:44:09 PM

Hey Guys :)

One of our backers brought to our attention that one of his Champion Decks had an extra card. Matt and I looked through the cards and it appears that all of the 6 player games have an extra card. We wish this could be a bonus but unfortunately it is not. In fact it'll create an unfair advantage if someone chooses this character deck. 

The extra card is in Jorge's deck. It has an IT Deck (white) back and the face is Employee: Eva Mendez. Please make sure NOT to throw out the Z Deck (black) version of this card. I'm attaching images below of the card to dispose of.

Back of Card
Front of Card

Thanks to JPK for catching this!



Games & Roundy Pals Have Been Shipped!!!
8 months ago – Thu, Jan 30, 2020 at 12:17:08 AM

Hey Guys :)

We just wanted to let you know that we've shipped all GAME & ROUNDY PAL orders. yay!!! Tracking informaiton has been sent to your email. Please contact us at: if there is anything wrong with your order and we'll do our best to fix it ASAP. We can't wait to hear what you think! 

Graphic Novel: All the pages are colored and lettered. We are doing one final edit then it'll be off to the printer!

AR: Matt's trying to get it through the APP stores, hopefully we should get approval soon. Nonetheless we'll keep you posted.

Reader: Now that the pages are finished, we'll be uploading them to the reader and doing some Q&A prior to sending out a link. We'll post an update with redemption codes so you'll can access early next week!

PNP - Work got the best of me and I'm behind schedule, so sorry! I'm almost finished dropping all of the cards into the template. Those of you who pledged at this tier will you please let me know if you prefer rounded corners or square? TIA

We're getting there! And as always thank you for your support!!



OMG!!! 42 BOXES of Stupid Users: BETA!!! AWESOME!!!
9 months ago – Fri, Jan 17, 2020 at 05:09:18 PM

Hey Guys :)

I'm literally shocked, as I sit here in disbelief that our game is finally printed, for REAL. WOW! Just wow. I cannot believe it. It looks perfect. I can't believe that we did this. It took way longer than I ever thought it would and it was grueling. But now that it's here, I could cry. It was totally worth it. 

I need to close out Backerkit and charge cards for shipping and upgrades. Please login and make sure all of your information is correct. Thanks in advance.

And here's the update breakdown;

1) Game: FINISHED 

2) Graphic Novel: Nick finished coloring the pages this week, YAY! I've downloaded all of the files, Matt's dropping them into the template and doing one last pass, then a final edit, then we'll send the files off to the printer!! We should have it finished by the end of next week. I'll send an update on shipping once we hear back from the printer. :)

3) Roundy Pals: FINSHED

4) AR: Matt is working on the final requirements to submit to the App stores.

5) Digital Reader: We are still working on the world explorer features. We will send a preview link to al of you once it’s ready so you can read the comic ahead of production. :) YAY!!

6) Print & Play Version: I'm hoping to have this finished by the end of next week.

Boxing and shipping will begin early next week. OMG!!!


Mandy & Matt

End of the Year Update
9 months ago – Fri, Dec 20, 2019 at 06:45:33 PM

Happy Holidays!

Game: We just received notice last night that the manufacturing is complete! We've paid the final amount due and everything is getting boxed up for shipping! Yay!! Direct shipping will take 23-25 business days. So I will send out another update once it's on the boat. :)

Graphic Novel: We ended having to get a new colorist to finish up the graphic novel. Good news is that now all of the pages have been colored and we just need to review for consistency. Matt and I will be inspecting them closely this weekend. Hopefully they'll be good to go so we can send the files over to the printer.

Roundy Pals: They are all finished and ready to be shipped with your orders. We've been taking good care of them while they wait to go to their new homes. :)

AR: Matt's finished the AR app, is running through some final testing, and is working on the final requirements to submit to the App stores.

Digital Reader: The reader is finished, it works on mobile, desktop, and tablets. We are working on the world explorer features and plan on having that finished by the time we ship out the games. We will send a preview link to al of you once it’s ready so you can read the comic ahead of production. :) YAY!!

Thanks again for your patience, we know you don’t have a choice, but are grateful nonetheless. We want to give you the best product that we can possibly make.

Wishing you wonderful holiday’s and a happy new year!


Mandy & Matt